Author Topic: Undetectable Mac Malware Proton for Sale on the Dark Web for 40 BTC  (Read 54 times)

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Undetectable Mac Malware Proton for Sale on the Dark Web for 40 BTC
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 07:08:03 PM »
Undetectable Mac Malware Proton for Sale on the Dark Web for 40 BTC
6 March 2017, 4:39 pm

Hackers are now selling malware for Mac devices straight out on the dark web. They claim the malware is undetectable and provides hackers with the ability to take full control over MacOS devices by evading antivirus software. 

Proton, as it has been named, the malware is a Remote Administration Tool that is currently being sold over Russian cybercrime message boards. 

Discovered by Sixgill, a cyber intelligence company that is known for its work in detecting cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web, Proton had an initial selling price of 100 BTC, which at current Bitcoin prices makes it worth more than $100,000, but it is now being sold at around 40 BTC with unlimited installations. If the hacker only wants to install it on a single Mac, he'd only have to pay 2 BTC. 

Full control in one malware

The malware allows attac... (read more)

Source: Softpedia News / Security

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