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Jetico Final progress - JPF [26. October 2013]
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 12:37:03 AM »
[box title=Jetico Homepage]JPF v2 Homepage[/box]


* Now support of Windows 8 (Supported Operating Systems:  32/64 bit | Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008 Server, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2000)

* Hungarian Translation created by Rad Aeneas László.
* Eliminated "Could not connect to firewall server" problem after third-party program installation.
* Improved drivers' stability.

* Added Jetico Personal Firewall self protection component.
* Improved system files protection.
* Corrected process attack module on Windows 7 and Vista systems.

* Port scan detector now works correctly with VPN connections.
* Eliminated high CPU usage on startup.
* Fixed incorrect application termination.
* Improved stability on 32-bit Windows 7.
* Language files updated.

Resolved problem with Windows 7 User Account Control
Stateful engine settings can now be tuned via registry

Changelog since v.
Stateful inspection engine improved.
Resolved problem with IIS7 incoming connections under Vista or Server 2008.
Process protection enabled for Windows 7.
A table's default action restored after import or clone operations.
Popup dialog now supports empty groups list.,33756.0.html
"Critical system object modification" event parameters corrected.,26070.0.html
Application accessibility improved.
Romanian translation provided by Mihai Iepure.

Changelog since beta:
- Added ARP packet MAC addresses filtering
- Added Table hints for best template selection
- Added Table properties dialog
- Help file updated
- Minor issues resolved

Pete Mierski translated language file to Polish language.
Empty event in Applcation checksum rules fixed.
Improved hash calculation.
Documentation updated.

Visual Studio build process hangup fixed.
Hash calculation problem fixed.
Stateful ARP filtering imroved.
Process protection improved.
Registry monitoring improved.
New "change process privileges" process attack event introduced to control process privelege elevation.
Ukrainian translation created by Xa0c.
Language files updated.
Configuration template updated.

JPF v Update
Italian translation created by Keltoi and Tom
Japanese translation updated.

Setup program improved.
Uninstall program improved.
New "critical system object modification" process attack event introduced to control access to critical system configuration objects.
System crash caused by hook detector fixed.

Stefan Beinroth and Martin Zoller created German language file.
Memory leak in bcftdi.sys fixed.
Random crash in bcftdi.sys fixed.
User interface adjusted for right-to-left reading order.
Incomplete group export bug fixed.
ARP packet parameter logging added.
Log tab selection style restored.

"Add parameter to group" option added to popup dialog.
Kernel exception on multicore systems during fast user switch fixed.
Setup program fixed.

Firewall now creates backups prior to updating configuration file.
More accurate "indirect access to network" detection.
"Access to network" for large .exe files fixed.
Truncated path in "access to network" events fixed.
Kernel exception on fast user switch fixed.
Protocol list in low level protocol module fixed.

Firefox access to network problem fixed.
Windows 2000 protection improved against kill tests.

Inter-process communications monitoring improved on Vista
On-demand hash calculation for large files
Windows XP SP3 Security Center detection fixed.
Menu ID collision fixed
Language files updated

 New version intercepts more system events and effectively defeats attacks modeled by kill, crash, suspend and system     shutdown simulator tests.
 Jetico Personal Firewall v. can import and export configuration elements — tables and security policies.
 JPF can now copy/move tables with external references (entire subtree is copied/moved).
 Default configuration template updated.
 System crash on logging fragmented packets fixed.
 Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 random crash fixed.
 Group management code improved.
 Group contents are displayed in rule parameter editors (tooltips).
 Minor group tab user interface bugs fixed.
 Table names in actions list are sorted alphabetically.
 Wrong registry key and application path report in Process attack popup dialog fixed.
 Chinese Traditional translation provided by Steven Nien.
 Turkish translation provided by Mehmet Kalyon.
 Authors updated language files to reflect the latest user interface changes.

Short filenames problem fixed.
"Clone table" problem fixed.
Dutch translation updated.
SeaMonkey detection added.

Port scanning problems fixed.
Hangup while updating DNS cache fixed.
Hangup after security policy switching fixed.
Spanish translation contributed by Senpai.
Skype detection updated.


System crash after group modification fixed.
Configuration Wizard translation problem fixed.
Dutch translation provided by Jochem.


Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 support.
Jetico Personal Firewall v.1 hook detector merged to 32-bit version JPF v2 drivers.
Sending message to another application detected. "Breakout" tests passed.
ARP stateful filter parameters can be changed via registry now:
       ArpRequestTimeout (DWORD, milliseconds) - ARP request expiration timeout
       ArpMinInterval (DWORD, milliseconds) - min interval between incoming ARP requests
Problems with network connections after installation on Vista systems fixed.
Hook detector hangup on SMP Vista systems fixed.
PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blue screen on Vista systems fixed.
Memory leak during uninstallation on Vista systems fixed.
Stability at high load improved.
Policy combobox behavior fixed.
Configuration template updated.


Stateful ARP rule now protects from ARP DoS attack.
Low level protocol rule can check ARP opcode, source and destination IP addresses now.
License checking in setup program fixed.
Policy combobox update problem fixed.
Configuration Wizard can now detect files in %SystemRoot%\System32 directory on 64-bit systems.
Default configuration template updated:
Avant, Maxthon, Netscape 9, Safari browsers detected.
Vista UAC application detected.
Added Windows components that require indirect access to network.
"Network Time Protocol client" template fixed.


Kernel mode memory leak in bcftdi.sys driver fixed.
Configuration tables display domain name if available.


System crash caused by bc_tdi_f.sys driver under heavy load fixed.
Application adding via "..."(Browse) problem in rule editor on Vista fixed.
Firewall shutdown now allowed with expired license.
Configuration Wizard "Next >" button behavior fixed.
Random jpf.exe hangups on startup fixed.

Default configuration template changes:
Rule for Ximeta NDAS devices added (off by default)
"Network Time Protocol client" application template table added
"Allow everything" application template table added


Monitoring of direct access to memory, OLE/COM communications, process code/memory modifications disabled in 64-bit versions to prevent conflict with Kernel Patch Protection after Windows Update KB932596.

Stateful inspection for ARP protocol added.
Clone/Delete policy, Clone table commands added to the policy tree context menu.
Expand/Collapse command added to the policy tree context menu.
Empty values handling fixed in rule parameter editors.
Column order save/restore bug fixed.
French translation provided by Patrick Leloup.
Default configuration template updated:
 Explorer.exe is allowed to access the network
 Stateful ARP enabled to prevent ARP poisoning
 "Bypass" rule fixed in the "Access to network" table


System crash on high load fixed.


JPF hangups on policy or configuration switching fixed.
Setup program license information checking bug fixed.
Firewall server memory usage reduced.


First, we improved logging subsystem. Previous versions appeared to be
vulnerable to DoS attacks due to log weakness. We fixed it. In addition
we reduced kernel memory usage.

Next, problems with commercial license are fixed. JPF v2.0.0.31 will continue
working after subscription expiration. We also replaced "Evaluation version"
with "Registered to" for registered users.

New features:
Correct Skype and Opera 9.20 detection added.

JPF v2 Homepage
System: Windows 7|Security Setup:Jetico 2|Nod32


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