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IDG Contributor Network: Twistlock leverages the container opportunity to score big funding
25 April 2017, 3:00 pm

The open source Docker initiative has been nothing if not entertaining. Epic levels of intrigue, dastardly deeds and positioning seems to be the order of the day.

Of particular interest is what the Docker ecosystem is doing, particularly how the third-party solution players deftly promise loyalty to Docker Inc. but also position themselves for survival in the increasingly likely eventuality that Docker (the company) will, in Silicon Valley parlance, eat their lunch.

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One interesting area is that of security as it relates to containerized applications. One vendor doing good work in the space is Twistlock. Twistlock describes itself as the industry’s first enterprise security suite for containers. Twistlock's technology addresses risks on the host and within the application of the container. In doing so, it gives enterprises the ability to consistently enforce security policies, monitor and audit activity, and identify and isolate threats in a container or cluster of containers. Twistlock's stated mission is to provide a full, enterprise-grade security stack for containers so organizations can confidently adopt and maximize the benefits of containers in their production environment.

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