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Erunt (registry backup)
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2009, 11:49:41 PM »
ERUNT - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT will help you Backup, restore and optimize your NT/2000/XP/Vista registry.

Saving a backup of your registry could be a lifesaver at some time.

If you follow the 'defaults' it will create a folder named ERDNT inside your Windows folder, the advantage being
that you have access to this folder from the Windows Recovery Console
in case Windows does not boot anymore.

Download ERUNT from Here
and save it to your 'Desktop'.   

Start ERUNT by clicking on the Desktop icon:

If you are running Vista, right click on the icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Select the desired Language and click 'ok'.

Type in the name of a restore folder where the backed up registry
files should be saved, or click "Browse" to browse your computer's drives
and select a folder.

The following screen decision is entirely up to you.
I personally click on 'No' because each backup can take anywhere between 43 mb and 90 mb of space, depending on your system.
But i run it about twice a week to make sure the backups are not that old.
If you have loads of free space.... then click on 'Yes'.

[note] If running Vista or Win7 it's recommended that you click NO.
This is because the automatic backup won't work with Vista or W7.[/note]

Next, select the backup options:

- System registry: The current system registry, usually consisting of

- Current user registy: The registry files for the currently logged-on
  user, usually NTUSER.DAT and USRCLASS.DAT.

- Other open user registries: Sometimes Windows has a few other user
  registries in memory. Examples for this are "generic" registries,
  e.g. for user "EVERYONE", or registries of other users if you use
  Fast Task Switching in Windows XP. Check this option to backup all
  these additional user registries (if found) as well.

Each time the program is run, it will say that the folder doesn't exist... this is because the folder is date stamped.
So just click 'Yes' to create it.

When the backup is complete... just click on 'Ok' to close the program.

To run a future scan, just click on the 'Desktop' icon.

[note]The automatic backup won't work with Vista or W7. You may receive error messages related to ERUNT on boot as it attempts to automatically backup. Please backup manually using ERUNT with the following instructions:
  • Please locate the ERUNT icon on the desktop.  If it is not there, click Start and type ERUNT into the search box.
  • Right click the ERUNT icon in the desktop or the Start menu, and select Run as Administrator
  • Click OK at the first message box.
  • Ensure the checkboxes for both "system registry" and "current user registry" are checked.  Leave the default save location in there.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Yes to create the new folder.
  • You'll get a window saying "registry backup complete" once it's done.  Click OK.


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